About us

As a mother of two I know first hand just how expensive children can be!

Figures estimate that it costs a whopping £201,809 to raise a child up to the age of 21, with parents spending an average of £9,610 per year on feeding, clothing and educating each new member of the family (source: Guardian 10 Feb 2010).

When we had our first child we made the classic mistake of buying lots of new equipment and toys and then realising just how quickly they were no longer needed.

With our second child we became a little bit savvier with the shopping and used the internet to source cheaper baby products - such as using online auction sites to track down second hand items. But this could be so frustrating as either the item was in Inverness and would incur high postage cost or if it was local I was never on at the right time to bid - usually in the middle of the night!

So after talking to other parents who have had the same frustrations I came up with the idea of a localised buying and selling website - just for Lancashire - a site for local people to buy and sell their baby and pre school items locally.

I really hope that this website will become a marketplace for nearly new baby products along with a community focus. Helping parents and grandparent to save money, find out about children's activities, events and child friendly places to visit.

So if you have any items sitting in the loft or shed that you know will never get used - why not sell them on? If you have great events to publicise - then add them to the site, it will only grow if lots of people use it.

As we're all busy parents who are always in need of an extra pairs of hands just to get through the day, we have kept the site as simple as possible to use.

I hope you find the site useful, if you have any feedback to improve on what we have then please let me know.