Selling online is great way to sell individual items but what if you have a serious amount of clutter to clear out? Why not try a Local Little Ones Pre Loved Baby and Children’s Event! If you have stacks of maternity, baby and children’s items that are making your home feel like its bursting at the seams, Book a Stall now and make some extra cash

Stall Pricing

Stall Hints & Tips

Making the most of your stall

Kerb appeal

You want your stall to stand out and attract as many buyers as possible so:
  • Bring a tablecloth, this will enhance your stall and will attract more buyers!
  • Put yourself in the buyers shoes, they will be looking for clean well presented items, so spend time cleaning toys, washing and ironing clothes-it will make a difference on the day!
  • If you have lots of clothes bring a clothes rail if you have one
  • A smile goes a long way, encourage buyers ask them if they need any help

Making it easy

You want the buyers to be able to see items clearly so:
  • Don’t bring too much stuff as it can be hard for buyers to see exactly what they are looking for
  • Clear pricing, use labels so buyers are clear on the costs
  • Arrange toys/clothes etc. into age ranges/sizes

Being realistic and flexible

You don’t want buyers to be put off by expensive prices, they have come to get a bargain so:
  • Don’t overprice your items, the best stalls have cheaply priced items-you will only have to take it home again if it doesn’t sell
  • Be willing to change your prices throughout the event or do your own special offers


  • Money tin with change in
  • Paste table and chairs

Tell everyone

The more people that attend the event the more chance you have of making a profit, so tell your friends and family, post it on social media –spread the word.

Ways to pay

Upcoming events

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